WordPress vs Shopify​

WordPress Shopify
Page Builder Complicated but you can do whatever you want Easy to use but highly restricted
Customizability: Layout Easy Very Hard
Customizability: Functions Easy Hard
Backend Manageability Complicated Simple
Manageability after lots of customization Easy Need a developer
Integration With Other Software Complicated Easy
Frontend Loading Speed 3 - 4 seconds < 3 seconds
Backend Loading Speed 4 - 6 seconds 3 - 4 seconds
Who should use this CMS? 1. You have high requirements on design
2. You need a lot of customization
3. You can accept slower loading time
4. You need a complex membership system
5. You need complex discount rules
6. You need other complex stuff
1. You focus on selling and marketing
2. You can accept the lack of customizability
3. You want an easy-to-manage system
4. You accept restrictions on design, layout, and functions
5. You want to integrate with lots of software